Building a Homeroom with Sylvan Learning Center

This post was written in partnership with Sylvan Learning. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Now that school is back in full swing and the first quarter of the year is over, we’re even happier we decided to partner with Sylvan Learning Centers for this school year. We faced our first quarantine due to exposure from Covid-19 at school and our dedicated home room came in handy for the five days my kids had to be home from school. The support from Sylvan Learning Centers made the process of them being home smooth and made me confident they wouldn’t fall behind during this time.

Prior to this school year my kids didn’t have a dedicated space to do school or homework. They would just pick a random place in our home to do so. Sometimes that was the dining room table, sometimes it was the coffee table in our living room and sometimes it was in their room. 

Since they are young, they’re admittedly easily distracted so doing schoolwork in the same place at the same time without supervision was never a good idea as they would end up just talking to each other. We decided to make a dedicated space in my office for them. This way they’d always have somewhere to work, and I could keep an eye on them and help them when needed. Here is how the space looked before we worked on it.

With the help of Sylvan Learning Centers we were able to change this area into a homeroom for them. It’s now filled with a reading workbook, math flashcards, pencils, paper, sticky notes and more, all organized neatly and in reach. Here is how it looks now!

Positive affirmations are something that are super important for kids especially when they’re working on an assignment or problem that is new or difficult for them. We had them write messages for themselves that they could read whenever they are having a tough time.

They put these on the wall next to their work area as a constant reminder that they can accomplish anything.

Now they have their own place to do their work free of interruptions and distractions. Plus, my desk is right in front of them so I can help them with whatever they need.

With this dedicated homeroom space and the support of Sylvan Learning Centers and their Sylvan Method we have everything we feel we need to support our children in their academic success. The Sylvan Method challenges your child and builds their confidence whether they happen to be falling behind or are way ahead of their class. 

If you’re unfamiliar with Sylvan Learning Centers and haven’t read my previous blog post on back to school with Sylvan Learning, here’s a brief overview of who they are and why we love and trust them.

What Is Sylvan Learning

Sylvan Learning is an academic center that helps K-12 students master subjects they may need a little help with. Your child can go into the learning center and get face to face help, or they can do online tutoring for convenience. Besides everyday schoolwork assistance Sylvan Learning Centers also provides college and career readiness, test prep like the SAT and ACT, and offer STEM programs and seasonal camps. 

Sylvan Learning has been around for over 40 years helping students reach academic success. They are focused on building academic confidence, igniting intellectual curiosity and inspiring love for learning. Their teachers are certified, and they have the latest interactive technology, so kids stay engaged.

Why We Trust Sylvan Learning Centers

My husband used Sylvan learning while he was in both middle school and high school. In middle school he used it for tutoring for Algebra. Then in high school he went back to Sylvan Learning for SAT prep. He went for one-on-one tutoring after taking the SAT the first time. His score raised over 100 points which allowed him to get an SAT score-based scholarship! Now they even offer tutoring online!

So, from my husband to my kids, Sylvan Learning Centers have continued to make a positive impact on my family’s academic success and confidence. This school year has proven to be as tough, challenging and different as last school year and we’re so happy to have Sylvan Learning Centers on our side. They’ve truly made the transition from virtual school back to school in the classroom with lots of interruptions a smooth process. As a parent with no educational teaching background, it’s so nice to have the extra support at home to ensure my children’s success. 

Do you have a dedicated space in your home for your children to complete their schoolwork? If you don’t, is this something you think you’ll implement? Don’t forget to share this article with a parent you think would find it helpful!

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