Back to School with Sylvan Learning

This post was created in partnership with Sylvan Learning. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

The 2021 back-to-school season has been the biggest and probably weirdest one yet. This school year looks much different than last year. After more than a year of virtual school—with one child going into kindergarten and one going into 2nd grade—to say my feelings as a parent were all over the place is an understatement. There are so many unknowns of how the school year will go; will my kids be quarantined at any point? Will schools shut back down? It’s a relief to know Sylvan Learning has our back during these times if we need a little help with the girls’ academics.

We’re partnering with Sylvan Learning because we know they will be instrumental in helping our family transition back to in-person learning. Learning loss is already something we worry about as parents over the summer. Then with the added adjustment to a new way of learning over the past 18 months, I know the loss was probably even greater and retention may not have been as high as schools adjusted to virtual learning. At no fault of the teachers, my kids didn’t get the same experiences in VPK and 1st grade as they would have in a normal year. So as a parent I want to make sure I’m doing all I can to not only get my kids on track but make them excel. I have full confidence Sylvan Learning will help accomplish this.

What Is Sylvan Learning

So, what is Sylvan Learning? Sylvan Learning is an academic center that helps students in grades K-12 master subjects they may need a little help with. But they don’t stop there, they also provide college and career readiness, test prep like the SAT and ACT, and offer STEM programs and seasonal camps. 

They aren’t new to this either, Sylvan Learning has been around for over 40 years, helping students reach academic success. They are focused on building academic confidence, igniting intellectual curiosity and inspiring love for learning. Sylvan Learning has certified teachers and interactive technology, so students feel engaged and get the exact learning they need! Whether your kids are heading back to the classroom, continuing virtual school, doing a hybrid or preparing for college, Sylvan Learning is here to build confidence in your kids’ academic journey, providing additional support where and when it’s needed.

How We Plan to Leverage Sylvan Learning

Sylvan Learning has developed what they call the Sylvan Method. What this method does is challenge your child and build their confidence, whether they happen to be falling behind or are way ahead of their class. This is great for my family, as my eldest is testing at the grade level above her own, but we don’t feel maturity wise she is ready to skip a grade. Their program allows her to be challenged academically outside the classroom when she is studying at home. 

We are utilizing Sylvan Learning’s tutoring so that we can get ahead of the learning loss, just in case either of our kids fall behind in their classes. What’s great is their tutors know your local school’s curriculum, so there’s no guessing what needs to be covered. Since they also know the school’s standards, they ensure they learn the way that’s required by the district.

Sylvan Learning understands parents are busy and it’s still a weird time. Therefore, they offer live, online tutoring. Even though it’s online, it is guaranteed to be engaging, effective and focused on the individual student. Everything is personalized so your child gets the specific help they need!

Why We Trust Sylvan Learning

My husband personally used Sylvan learning while he was in both middle school and high school. In middle school, he used it for tutoring for Algebra. Back then it was in person, but still one-on-one lessons. Not only did it help him understand the concepts better, his tutor actually helped him to get ahead in class.

In high school, he went back to Sylvan Learning for SAT prep. He went for one-on-one tutoring after taking the SAT the first time. His score increased over 100 points, which allowed him to get an SAT score based scholarship!

It’s with these first hand experiences and Sylvan Learning’s proven track record that we know having Sylvan Learning in our back pocket this year is exactly what our kids need. Both are so young they’ve never had a “normal” school year and we want to make sure the start of their educational journeys have strong foundations, so that they are confident in their learning abilities as they get older. As parents we had to realize sometimes it’s best to enlist the help of experts, and that’s exactly what the teachers and tutors at Sylvan Learning are.

How is your child’s return to the classroom going? Any additional tips you’d like to share in the comments? Don’t forget to share this article with a parent you think would find it helpful, and check out Sylvan Learning’s website to learn more!

Back to School with Sylvan Learning

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